baby - n. a newly born creature

  back - n. the part behind the front; ad. the other way from forward

  bad - ad. wrong; acting against the law; not good

  balance - v. to make two sides or forces equal

  ball - n. something round

  balloon - n. a device of strong, light material that rises when filled with gas lighter than air

  ballot - n. a piece of paper used for voting

  ban - v. to not permit; to stop; n. an official

  bank - n. an organization that keeps and lends money

  bar - v. to prevent or block

  barrier - n. anything that blocks or makes an action difficult

  base - n. a military center; v. to establish as a fact ("her research was based on experiments.")

  battle - n. a fight between opposing armed forces

  be - v. to live; to happen; to exist

  beat - v. to hit again and again

  beauty - ad. that which pleases the eye, ear or spirit

  because - prep. for the reason that ("he left because he was sick.")

  become - v. to come to be

  bed - n. a sleeping place

  before - prep. earlier

  begin - v. to do the first part of an action; to start

  behind - ad. at the back of; in back of

  believe - v. to think; to feel sure of; to accept as true; to trust

  bell - n. an instrument that makes a musical sound ("a church bell")

  belong - v. to be owned by; to be a member of

  below - ad. lower than

  best - ad. the most good

  betray - v. to turn against; to be false to

  better - ad. more good than

  between - ad. in the space or time that separates; from one to the other ("talks between two nations")

  big - ad. of great size; not small

  bill - n. a proposal

  biology - n. the scientific study of life or living things in all their forms

  bird - n. a creature that flies

  bite - v. to cut with the teeth

  black - ad. dark; having the color like that of the night sky

  blame - v. to accuse; to hold responsible

  blanket - n. a cloth cover used to keep warm

  bleed - v. to lose blood

  blind - ad. not able to see

  block - v. to stop something from being done; to prevent movement

  blood - n. red fluid in the body

  blow - v. to move with force, as in air ("the wind blows.")

  blue - ad. having the color like that of a clear sky

  boat - n. something built to travel on water that carries people or goods

  body - n. all of a person or animal; the remains of a person or animal

  boil - v. to heat a liquid until it becomes very hot

  bomb - n. a device that explodes with great force; v. to attack or destroy with bombs

  bone - n. the hard material in the body

  book - n. a long written work for reading

  border - n. a dividing line between nations

  born - v. to come to life; to come into existence

  borrow - v. to take as a loan

  both - ad. not just one of two, but the two together

  bottle - n. a , usually made of glass, to hold liquid

  bottom - ad. the lowest part of something

  box - n. something to put things into; a , usually made of paper or wood

  boy - n. a young male person

  boycott - v. to refuse to take part in or deal with

  brain - n. the control center of thought, emotions and body activity of all creatures

  brave - ad. having no fear

  bread - n. a food made from grain

  break - v. to divide into parts by force; to destroy

  breathe - v. to take air into the body and let it out again

  bridge - n. a structure built over a waterway, valley or road so people and s can cross from one side to the other

  brief - ad. short; not long

  bright - ad. giving much light; strong and clear in color

  bring - v. to come with something

  broadcast - v. to send information, stories or music by radio or television; n. a radio or television program

  brother - n. a male with the same father or mother as another person

  brown - ad. having the color like that of coffee

  budget - n. a spending plan

  build - v. to join materials together to make something

  building - n. anything built for use as a house, factory, office, school, store or place of entertainment

  bullet - n. a small piece of metal shot from a gun

  burn - v. to be on fire; to destroy or damage by fire

  burst - v. to break open suddenly

  bury - v. to put into the ground and cover with earth

  bus - n. a public to carry people

  business - n. one's work; buying and selling to earn money; trade

  busy - ad. doing something; very active

  but - conj. however; other than; yet

  buy - v. to get by paying something, usually money

  by - conj. near; at; next to ("by the road"); from ("a play by william shakespeare"); not later than ("by midnight")
  • [kən´teinə] 移动到这儿单词发声 n.容器;箱,匣 四级词汇
  • [´vi:ikəl] 移动到这儿单词发声 n.车辆;媒介物 四级词汇

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