后备工业 supporting industry

后备基金 reserve fund

后防空虚 leave the defense exposed

后台管理 back-stage management

后续投资 follow-up investment

候选城市 the candidate cities

呼叫等待 call waiting

呼叫转移 call forwarding

呼啦圈 hu la hoop

胡同串子 peddler; hawker

胡子工程 long-drawn-out project (a project which takes so long that young workers become bearded)

虎父无犬子 a wise goose never lays a tame egg.

互动广告 interactive advertisement

互动演示 interactive demonstration

互联网服务提供商 isp (internet service provider)

户口簿 residence booklet

户口管理制度 "domicile system, residence system "

户主 head of a household

护身法宝 amulet

花旗银行 national city bank of new york

花样游泳 water ballet

华表 column/cloud pillar/stele

华盖 canopy

滑板车 scooter

画中画 picture-in-picture (pip)

坏球 ball

坏帐 bad account

还俗 "resume life, unfrock"

环保电池 environment-friendly battery

环保型技术 est(environmentally-sound technology)

环境保护 protect the environment

环绕立体声 surround

环太平洋地区 pacific rim

换届选举 election at expiration of office terms

换手率 turnover rate

黄、赌、毒 "pornography, gambling and drug abuse and trafficking "

黄金时段 prime time

灰领 (源于美国,指负责维修电器、上下水道、机械的技术工人,他们多穿灰色的制服工作,因此得名。) gray-collar (skilled technicians; employees whose job descriptions combine some white- and some blue-collar duties.)

灰色经济 grey economy

灰色区域措施 grey area measures

灰色收入 gray income

挥棒 swing

挥棒不中 fan

回扣 kickback

回头客 returned customer

回头率 rate of second glance

汇丰银行 hong kong and shang hai banking corporation

会计电算化 accounting computerization

会考 unified examination; general examination

婚介所 matrimonial agency

婚内强奸 marital rape; rape of spouse

婚前同居 premarital cohabit

婚前协议 prenuptial agreement

婚纱摄影 wedding photo

婚外恋 extramarital love; love out of wedlock

混合型卷烟 blended type cigarette

混业经营 mixed operation/ management

活到老,学到老 one is never too old to learn.

火炬计划 torch program (a plan to develop new and high technology)

货币化 monetization

货币回笼 withdrawal of from circulation

货币留成制度 retention scheme

货到付款 cash on delivery
  • [,redʒi´streiʃən] 移动到这儿单词发声 n.登记(证);挂号 六级词汇
  • [,ɔ:nə´mentəl] 移动到这儿单词发声 a.装饰的 n.装饰品 四级词汇
  • [´sekjulə] 移动到这儿单词发声 a.世俗的;现世的 六级词汇
  • [´bæŋkiŋ] 移动到这儿单词发声 n.银行业 四级词汇