长治久安 a long period of ; prolonged political ; political

偿付能力 solvency

常规裁军 disarmament

常设国际法庭 permanent international tribunal

常委会 standing committee

常务董事 managing director; excutive director

常务理事 executive member of the council

常驻代表 permanent representative

常驻记者 correspondent

常驻联合国代表 permanent representative to the united nation

常驻使节 permanent envoy

场内交易人 floor trader

场外证券市场 over-the-counter market

敞蓬轿车 open-topped limousine

畅通工程 smooth traffic project

倡议书 written proposal

唱对台戏 mouth high-sounding words

唱高调 mouth high-sounding words

唱名表决 roll-call vote

唱双簧 play a duet----collaborate; echo each other

超编人员 exceed personnel

超导元素 superconducting elements

超短波 ultrashort wave

超负荷运转 overloaded operation

超高速巨型计算机 giant ultra-high-speed computer

超级巨型油轮 ultra large crude carrier

超前教育 superior education

超前消费 pre-mature ; overconsuming; ; spend beyond one's means

超前意识 superior consciousness

超文本传送协议 hypertext transfer protocol (http)

超载过牧 overgraze

超支户 household (or family) living perpetually in debt

朝阳产业 industry

潮汐电站 tidal power stations

炒汇 in foreign currency

炒作 (stock); sensationalization (news)

扯皮 shirk; pass the buck

彻头彻尾的反动政治势力 an out and out political force

撤销原案 rescind the case

撤销职务 annul one's position; dismiss ... from; be stripped of; remove... from

尘云 dust clouds

沉没成本 sunk cost

晨练 morning exercise

趁热打铁 make hay while the sun shines; strike while the iron is hot

成本分摊 sharing costs

成本效益 cost-effectiveness

成本效益分析 cost-efficiency analysis

成分指数 index

成份指数 index

成活率 survival rate

成吉思汗 genghis khan

成人中等职业技术教育 adult secondary vocational and education

成人中等专科学校 secondary specialized / school for adults

成事在天,谋事在人 the planning lies with man, the with heaven; man proposes, god disposes

成套引进 package import

成药 patent medicine

成组技术 group technology

承包 contract with

承包经营权 contract for the managerial right

承购包销 underwrite

承建 contract to build

承销商 underwriter

城际列车 inter-city train

城市规划 city's landscaping plan; urban planning

城市合作银行 urban bank

城市基础设施建设 the city's infrastructure construction

城市建设 urban construction

城市经济学 urban economics

城市景观 townscape

城市恐惧症 urbiphobia

城市垃圾 city refuse

城市绿地 urban open space; urban green land

城市绿化 urban landscaping

城市美容师 urban environmental worker

城市运动会 meet

城市中年雅皮士 muppie (一批中年专业人士,附庸风雅,矫揉造作cutesification,崇尚竟品至上boutiqueification,攀比银行存款bankification等摆阔作风,由middle-aged urban yuppie缩合而成)

城乡电网改造 projects for upgrading urban and rural power grids

城乡信用社 credit corroborative in both urban and rural areas

城镇社会保障体系 urban social security system

城镇职工医疗保险制度改革 medical insurance for urban workers

乘务员 vehicular attendant; conductor

惩办主义 doctrine of punishment

惩前毖后,治病救人 learn from past mistakes and avoid future ones, and to cure the sickness to save the patient

程控电话 program-controlled telephone

程控交换台 program-controlled telephone switchboard

吃饱穿暖 eat their fill and dress warmly; have enough to eat and wear; have adequate food and clothing

吃大锅饭 "egalitarian practice of ""everybody eating from the same big pot"

吃饭财政 payroll finance; mouth-feeding -----a large proportion of the has been earmarked for paying salaries of government functionaries

吃干醋 be jealous ; be green with envy

吃皇粮 receive salaries, subsidies, or other supported from the government

吃劳保 live on labor insurance allowance

吃老本 live on one's own fat; bask in one's past glory; rest on one's laurels

吃偏饭 enjoy special privilege

吃闲饭 stay idle

吃香 be very popular; be most welcome; be in great demand

吃小亏占大便宜 lose a little but gain much; take small losses for the sake of big gains
  • [stə´biliti] 移动到这儿单词发声 n.稳定;巩固;坚定 四级词汇
  • [kən´venʃənəl] 移动到这儿单词发声 a.常规的;协定的 四级词汇
  • [´spekjuleit] 移动到这儿单词发声 vi.思索;推测;投机 六级词汇
  • [ri:´ækʃənəri] 移动到这儿单词发声 a.反动的 n.反动分子 六级词汇
  • [´autkʌm] 移动到这儿单词发声 n.结果;后果;成果 四级词汇
  • [kəu´ɔpərətiv] 移动到这儿单词发声 a.合作的 n.合作团体 四级词汇
  • [æθ´letiks] 移动到这儿单词发声 n.体育(运动);竞技 四级词汇