新英语900句 3-ag真人试玩平台


asking about age 询问年龄

196. how old are you? 你几岁了?

197. i am twenty-three years old. 我二十三岁。

198. my sister is not quite about twenty. 我妹妹还不到二十岁。

199. rambo is not thirty yet, isn't he? 兰博还不到三十,对吗?

200. miss louise is still in her twenties. 露易斯小姐才二十几岁。

201. i am two years older than my sister is. 我比妹妹大两岁。

202. you are one year younger than paul is. 你比保罗小一岁。

203. how many people are there in your family? 你家有几个人?

204. there are four of us altogether. 我们总共有四个人。

205. i am the youngest child in my family. 我是家里最小的孩子。

206. my brother is the oldest. 我哥哥最大。

207. can you guess how old he is? 你能猜到他有多大吗?

208. i'd say he is about thirty. 叫我说,他大概三十岁左右。

209. i was twenty-three on my last birthday. 我已经过了23周岁了。

210. my grandfather is going to be seventy next month. 我的祖父下个月就70岁了。

talking about daily activities 谈论日常活动

211. what time do you go to bed at night? 你晚上几点钟睡觉?

212. i usually go to bed at half past ten. 我通常十点半睡觉。

213. my mother gets up at six o'clock every day. 我妈妈每天六点钟起床。

214. kate went to bed earlier than i did last night. 昨晚凯特比我早上床睡觉。

215. after i have breakfast, i go to work. 我吃完早餐就去上班。

216. in the evening i usually have a big supper. 晚上我通常吃一顿丰富的晚餐。

217. i have milk, and bread for breakfast. 我早餐喝牛奶,吃麦片粥和面包。

218. i finish work at about 5:00 pm. 我大概下午5点结束工作。

219. i reach school at half past seven every day. 我每天7点半到达学校。

220. i have four classes in the morning and two in the afternoon. 我早上上四节课,下午上两节。

221. i go out for lunch at twelve. 我十二点出去吃午饭。

222. i leave the house at seven ten every morning. 我每天早上7点10分离开家里。

223. i eat dinner at about seven o'clock with my parents. 我大概7点左右和父母一起吃晚饭。

224. before i have dinner, usually i take a bath. 吃晚饭以前,我通常先洗澡。

225. i watch tv till ten at night. 我晚上看电视看到10点。

talking about yesterday's activities 谈论昨天的活动

226. what time did you get up yesterday morning? 昨天早上你几点钟起床?

227. i overslept and got up at eight. 我睡过头了,8点钟才起床。

228. my sister got up earlier than i did. 我妹妹比我起得早。

229. did you get dressed right away? 你马上就穿衣服了吗?

230. yes, i got dressed and had breakfast. 是的,我穿好衣服就去吃早餐。

231. what did you have for breakfast? 你早餐吃了什么?

232. what time did you get to work yesterday morning? 昨天早上你几点钟开始工作?

233. i arrived at the company at eight forty-five, and began my work at nine. 我8:45到公司,9点钟开始工作。

234. did you work all day? 你工作了一整天吗?

235. yes, i worked from early morning until late at night. 是的,我从清早一直工作到深夜。

236. i had lunch with my friend at one o'clock. 我一点钟和朋友吃午饭。

237. i finished working at six and went to the restaurant. 我六点钟结束工作,然后去了饭店。

238. after dinner, i went to the cinema with my friends. 晚饭后,我和朋友去了看电影。 239. i went home at eleven. 我十一点到家。

240. i went to sleep immediately and slept soundly all night. 我很快就入睡了,而且整个晚上都睡得很好。

meeting a friend 访友

241. what did you do on sunday? 你星期天做了什么?

242. i went to see a friend of mine. 我去看我一个朋友。

243. did you go to the library yesterday afternoon? 你昨天下午去了图书馆没有?

244. i didn't go to the library, but i went swimming. 我没有去图书馆,但去了游泳。

245. what did you talked about? 你们谈了些什么?

246. we talked about the concert. 我们谈论那场音乐会。

247. i asked her a few questions. 我问了她几个问题。

248. what did you ask her? 你问了她什么?

249. i asked her if she liked music. 我问她喜不喜欢古典音乐。

250. she said she loved music. 她说她喜欢管弦乐。

251. then i asked her if she liked chinese music. 然后我问她喜不喜欢中国音乐。

252. she said she knew little about chinese music. 她说她对中国音乐几乎一无所知。

253. finally, i asked her how old she is. 最后,我问她多大了。

254. she said she would rather not tell her age. 她说她还是不告诉我年龄为好。

255. she answered most of my questions. 她回答了我大部分的问题。

talking about last year's activities 谈论去年的活动

256. what time did you use to go to work last year? 去年你通常在什么时候上班?

257. i usually left my home at eight o'clock. 我通常8点钟离开家。

258. i used to get up at about twenty past seven. 我通常大概7:20起床。

259. but sometimes i overslept. 但有时候我会睡过头。

260. i used to have breakfast at half past seven. 我总是7点半吃早餐。

261. i always started working at nine in the morning. 我总是在早上9点开始工作。

262. i used to have lunch at the canteen at ten past twelve. 我常常在12:10在小餐厅吃午饭。

263. we had a meeting on every monday morning. 我们每个星期一早上开会。

264. i worked until half past five each day. 我每天工作到5点半。

265. i read the newspaper for half an hour before i went to bed. 我上床睡觉前看半小时报纸。

266. mary and lucy used to go to many places together. 玛丽和露西以前常常一起去很多地方。

267. we went once a week. 我们一星期去钓一次鱼。

268. we used to go to the movies on weekends. 我们以前常常在周末去看电影。

269. john used to speak english to me all the time. 约翰过去总是和我说英语。

270. i used to go shopping with my sister. 以前我常常和我的姐妹一起去买东西。

asking about addresses 询问地址

271. where do you live? 你住在哪里?

272. i live on washington street. 我住在华盛顿街。

273. what's your address? 请问你的地址?

274. i live at 233 galaxy road. 我住在银河路233号。

275. i am mr. johnson's next-door neighbor. 我是约翰逊先生的邻居。

276. you live here in new york, don't you? 你住在纽约,对吗?

277. i'm from out of town. 我住在城外。

278. how long have you lived here? 你在这里住了多久了?

279. i've lived here for more than ten years. 我在这里住了十多年了。

280. we've known each other for over three years. 我们已经认识超过三年了。

281. my mother has spoken chinese all her life. 我妈妈讲了一辈子中文。

282. i've already finished my homework. 我已经做完功课了。

283. have you english very long? 你学英语已经很久了吗?

284. have you had supper already? 你吃过晚饭了吗?

285. yes, i had supper with my friends at a restaurant. 是的,我和朋友在饭店吃过晚饭了。

asking questions 提问题

286. where were you yesterday evening? 昨天晚上你在哪里?

287. i went to the cinema last night. 我昨晚去看电影了。

288. ivy was writing a letter to her family. 艾维在给家里写信。

289. what were you doing at about 10 o'clock last sunday? 上星期天十点左右你在做什么?

290. i was swimming with my father. 我在和父亲一起游泳。

291. what were you doing when i called you on the telephone? 我打电话给你的时候,你在做什么?

292. when you called me yesterday, i was listening to the music. 你昨天给我打电话的时候,我正在听音乐。

293. i can't remember his name. 我想不起来他的名字。

294. when i arrived home, my mother was cooking in the kitchen. 当我到家的时候,妈妈正在厨房做饭。

295. while my husband was reading the newspaper, i was washing the dishes. 我丈夫在看报纸的时候,我在洗碗。

296. while we were having lunch, somebody rang the bell. 当我们吃午饭的时候,有人按门铃。

297. can you guess what i was doing last night? 你能猜到我昨晚在做什么吗?

298. do you know what michael was doing this morning? 你知道麦克尔今天早上在做什么吗?

299. i've forgotten what time he said the concert would began. 我忘了他说音乐会什么时候开始。

300. when i saw him he was talking with lucy. 我看到他的时候,他正和露西说话。

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