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napolean himself was once a crying baby. 即使是拿破仑,过去也是啼哭的婴孩。

nature abhors a . 自然界里是没有真空的。

nature has given us two ears, two eyes, and but one tongue, to the end that we should hear and see more than we speak. 天赋我们两耳,两眼,一张嘴巴,归根到底该多听,多看,少说话。

nature is the glass reflecting truth. 大自然是反应真理的一面镜子。

nature teaches us to love our friends but religion our enemies. 自然教我们爱朋友,宗教却教我们爱敌人。

nature, time, and patience are the three great physicians. 自然,时间和耐心,是三大伟大的医生。

nature will have its course. 天行其道。

naughty boys sometimmmes make good men. 顽皮淘气的男孩子有时成为仁人君子。

necessity and oportunity may make a coward valient. 需要和机会可能使懦夫变成勇士。

necessity (or need) has (or knows) no law. 需要面前无法律。

necessity is the mother of invention 穷则变,变则通。

necessity knows no law. 铤而走险。

need makes the old wife trot. 人急造反,狗急跳墙。(事急老妪跑。)

needs must when the devil drives. 情势所迫,只好如此。

neglect of health is doctor's wealth. 忽视健康,医生财旺。

never be weary of well doing. 行善莫厌烦。

never till your egg is laid. 事竟成,才声张。

never cast dirt into that fountain of which thou hast sometime durnk. 不要过河拆桥。

never do things by halves. 做事情不要半途而废。

never on what comes after without having mastered what goes before. 如未掌握好已学过的东西,切莫从事更深的学习。

never fry a fish till it's caught. 捉到鱼,才煎鱼。

never judge by appearances. 人不可貌相。

never neglect an opportunity for improvement. 抓住大好时机,切莫等闲错过。

never offer to teach fish to swim. 切莫教鱼游泳。

never put off till tomorrow what may be done today. 今日事,今日毕。

never put the plow before the oxen. 不要本末倒置。

never say die! up man, and try. 不要气馁,朋友,振作起来,干!

never say of another what you would not have him hear. 莫说不想让人听见的话。

never show the bottom of your purse or your mind. 钱包不露底,思想需保留。

never swap (or swop) horses while crossing the stream. 骑渡中流莫换马。(指危难时不宜做大变动)

never think yourself above your business. 切莫自视过高。

never too late to mend. 过则勿惮改。

never too late to . 过则勿惮改。

never too old (or late) to learn. 学到老,学不了。

never (or don't) trouble trouble till trouble troulbes you. 切莫自寻麻烦。

never trust another what you should do yourself. 自己应该做的事,决不要委托别人做。

never trust of fine words. 切勿轻信漂亮的言词。

new brooms sweep clean. 新官上任三把火。

new lords, new laws. 新官新法。

news is like fish. 新闻就像鱼,过后不新鲜。

newspapers are the world's mirrors. 报纸是世界之镜。

nightingales will not sing in a cage. 夜莺困笼不唱歌。

no answer is also answer. 不回答也是一种回答。

no bees, no honey; no work, no money. 没有蜜蜂就没有蜜,没有劳动就没有钱。

no cross, no crown. 无苦即无乐。

no gains without pains. 不劳无获。

no garden without its weeds. 有利必有弊。

no good building without a good foundation. 基础不好,建筑不牢。

no great loss without some small gain. 塞翁失马,安知非福。

no herb will cure love. 想思病,无药医。

no joy without annoy. 喜中有忧。

no living man all things can. 世上无全能。

no longer pipe, no longer dance. 运不逢时,事不得意。

no love is foul, nor prison fair. 没有肮脏的爱情,也没有美丽的监狱。

no man can be a good ruler unless he has first been ruled. 没受过他人的统治,就不能很好地统治他人。

no man can do two things at once. 心无二用。

no man can make a good coat with bad cloth. 巧匠难以劣布制美服。

no man ever became great or good except through many and great mistakes. 不犯千般错误,难成伟大人物。

no man ever became thoroughly bad at once. 没有一个人是一下子就坏透的。

no man ever yet became great by . 笑颦不能成西施。

no man is a hero to his valet. 仆从目中无英雄。

no man (or one) is born wise or . 人非生而知之者。

no man is content. 人心是不满足的。

no man is so old, but thinks he may yet live another year. 人越活越想活。

no man is the worst for knowing the worst of himself. 没有一个人因为他自知最糟就是最糟。

no man (or one) is wise at all times. 聪明一世糊涂一时。

no man knows when he shall die, although he knows he must die. 纵然知其难免一死,人却难料何时身亡。

no man learns but by pain or shame. 不经痛苦羞辱,难以取得教训。

no man loves his fetters be they made of gold. 即使脚镣黄金铸,无人爱上这刑具。

no money, no honey. 没有金钱,就没有爱情。

none are so deaf as those who will not hear. 不愿倾听意见者最聋。

none but a wise man can employ well. 唯智者善于利用空闲。

none but the brave deserve the fair. 英雄才能配美人。

none but the wearer knows where the shoe pinches. 只有那个穿鞋人,才知哪里鞋轧脚。

none knows the weight of another's burden. 看人挑担不吃力。

none preaches better than the ant, and she says nothing. 蚂蚁不说话,但最善于说教。

none so blind as those who won't see. 最瞎莫如视而不见。

none so deaf as those that won't hear. 置若罔闻。

no news is good news. 没有消息就是好消息。

no one can be free till all are free; no one can be moral till all are moral; no one can be happy till all are happy. 所有的人自由后,才能完全自由;所有的人都有道德,才能完全合乎道德;所有的人都幸福了,才能真正幸福。

no one can call back yesterday. 往日不复返。

no one can disgrace us but ourselves. 除非羞耻自由取,他人岂能辱吾?。

no one can have all he desires. 无人能有所欲有。

no one is a fool always, every one sometimes. 无人总是当傻瓜,人人有时当傻瓜。

no one (or man) is born wise or . 人非生而知之者。

no one is wise at all times. 人总有一时之失。

no pain, no palm; no thorns, no ; no gall, no glory; no cross, no crown. 不劳则无获,共难才得福,有荣必有辱,无苦即无乐。

no pains, no gains. 不劳则无获。

no piper can please all ears. 众口难调。

no pleasure without alloy (or pain or ance). 乐中有悲。

no possession, but use, is the only riches. 真正的财富不是占有,而是使用。

no practice, no gain in one's wit. 吃一堑,长一智。

nor fame i slight, nor for her favours call; she come unlooked for, if she comes at all. 我不轻蔑名誉,也不需要她的青睐;如果她竟来的话,也是不求而自来的。

no road is long with good company. 途有好伴,不觉路远。

no root, no fruit. 没有根,就没有果。

no rose without a thorn. 玫瑰都有刺。

no rule without an exception. 没有一条规则没有例外。

no safe wading in an unknown water. 未知水深浅,涉水有危险。

no smoke without some fire. 无风不起浪。

no song, no supper. 不劳无获。

no sooner said than done. 言而必行。

no sunshine but bath some shadow. 有明必有暗。

no sweat, no sweet. 不劳则无获。

no sweet without some sweat. 不劳则无获。

nothing brave, nothing have. 不入虎穴,焉得虎子。

nothing comes amiss to a hungry man. 饥不择食。

nothing comes from (or of) nothing. 无风不起浪。

nothing comes out of the sack but what was in it. 无风不起浪。

nothing comes wrong to a hungry man. 饥不择食。

nothing crave, nothing have. 有求才有应。

nothing for nothing and very little for a half penny. 一分钱,一分货。

nothing is difficult to a man who wills. 世上无难事,只怕有心人。

nothing is impossible to willing mind (or heart). 有志者事竟成。

nothing is impossible (or difficult) to the man who will try. 天下无难事,只怕不努力。

nothing is really beautiful but truth. 只有真理才是真美。

nothing is stolen without hands. 无风不起浪。

nothing must be done hastily but killing of fleas. 除非消灭跳蚤,做事不必急躁。

nothing seek, nothing find. 无所求,则无所获。

nothing so bad, as not to be good for something. 塞翁失马,安知非福。

nothing so necessary for travellers as languages. 旅行者最需要的是几种语言。

nothing succeeds like success. 一事成功,事事顺利。

nothing to be got without pains but poverty. 只有贫困可以不劳而获得。

nothing venture, nothing win (or have or gain). 不入虎穴,焉得虎子。

nothing will come of nothing. 无风不起浪。

no time like the present. 只争朝夕。

not let the grass grow under one's feet. 不失时机。

novelty is the great parent of pleasure. 新奇生乐趣。

no vice goes alone. 坏事不单行。

no way is impossible to courage 勇敢面前没有通不过的路。

no wisdom like silence. 智者寡言。

now or never. 机不可失,失不再来。

no wrong without . 无错不可纠。
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