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many people dream of making it big, buying a big house, design a cloth, a nicer car, but with the record number of s now living right here in the united states, an age old question is now front and center--- can money really buy happiness?

the bible says the love of money is the root of all evil. so why do people want it so badly? and if you get it, can it buy you happiness?

deal or no deal?

money is god of this country, it's almost too important to us, it takes over.

be great to have lots of money, but then when you think about it, you have a different set of problems. i mean you are still paying the same bills, just will be higher.

best selling author david bach is a money mentor on cnbc's the millionaire inside. going from rags to richest, he says he found happiness but it wasn't just about dollars and cents.

i think what most americans really want is freedom. with the land of the free, but when three out of four people are living pay checked, pay checked, they don't feel free. so i think there is a lot of opportunity for the average american to become what i call an .

so folks, that means paying yourself first, saving one hour a day of your income and spending less.

in different levels of life, you have to survive all them or someone really is living pay checked, pay checked. then you have security, where someone as you might basic means to cover. maybe that gets six months to years where the expenses . once you get past a year of expenses, you start to become free.

in the end, happiness is not as simple as making more money.

the more money you have, the more you are going to spend anyway. people don't know how to keep their money. people don't know to spend them wisely.

dr. keith ablow is a psychiatrist; vera gibbons is a correspondent for cnbc. morning to both of you.(good morning.)

we spend so much time in our lives to make money. we must believe it's gonna bring us happiness. but the research is a kind of mixed, isn't it?

well, the research is mixed. and i think part of the reason for that is that people acknowledge in their souls if not in their wallets that won't make them happy. most people don't marry for money, most people don't pursue careers simply for the money. there are a lot of teachers in america, who won't trade their jobs for a sales job to make more. so we vote with our fit, in that sense.

but the problem is we see all these people are there today, with the arts, with the play, with the boats, all of these are complains, the big houses. and we think we want that too. they look happy, they have all these conditions. (it looks that way.) more s, more multi-s, more billionaires than ever, and they have all the toys.

given the research what i have read, it is indicators about scare. a little more money, in other words, if you can get somebody enough money to take them from poverty to middle class, that makes people happy. but a lot more money, they go from five hundred thousand to five million, it doesn't make you a deal.

that's right; money is going to have the more on those low income individuals. people who have very little, they are making 20 thousand dollars. they get from 20 to 50 thousand dollars, that's gonna to have a big on them.

that may, that would. let me tell a 15 years in practice. i have had anybody come in and say, you know why am i here, i need a little more money. right, it is all about do i feel loved, and do i love something in the world. in other words, doing work that does not speak to your heart and making lots of money is a prescription for disaster.

yeah, you listen to surveys of the kinds of jobs that make people the happiest; they aren't , not even close to jobs that paid the most money. they are things like teachers, social workers, firefighters, (fireman yeah) not high paid jobs.

i will still alive for my own when i was in therapy, he said, the last place you want to be is in the first class c, on a plane going somewhere you don't want to go. absolutely true. it's really both feeling loved. the people come to me were in the toughest spots, i am convinced they are well loved, and they are convinced there are something in the world that they have passion love for.

yeah, passion is another thing that makes people happy. (yeah) health and passion.

health, health is at the top of the list in terms of what makes you happy. having good with people, having a lot of very close personal friends, having a good marriage, these are the types of things that make you feel happy.

by the way, the health, money can help you buy happiness there. because money can give you to the best health care in the world. you still have to take care of ourselves. (that's true), but it can't make you healthier.

and if you flip that around, then you get to the core of what really makes people happy. coz sometimes you have to take the to see that you are content now. so if people were to imagine, i knock on it would at this moments that their children were not well got for being. then they will realize, you know what, i am pretty content even know my cars are year older than i'd like.

yeah, no question. well again, the age old question, we continue to debate it.


no question. dear, thanks.

doctor, thank you so much, still try to get over that line when you said when i was in therapy.
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