why do you never phone me?-ag真人试玩平台

mrs harris lives in a small village. her husband is dead, but she has one son. he is twenty-one and his name is geoff. he worked in the shop in the village and lived with his mother, but then he got work in a town and went ant lived there. its name was greensea. it was quite a long way from his mother's village, and she was not happy about this, but geoff said, "there isn't any good work for me in the country, mother, and i can get a lot of money in greensea and send you some every week."

 mrs harris was very angry last sunday. she got in a train and went to her son's house in greensea. then she said to him, "geoff, why do you never phone me?"

 geoff laughed. "but, mother", he said, "you haven't got a phone."

 "no," she answered, "i haven't, but you've got one!"