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how do you learn english well?

how to learn english well? well, this is a question that puzzles almost every one. this seems a question that will never have a good answer.

however, nowadays, we do have more and more people who have english well. how did they make it?

first of all, they all have a strong will to learn english well. as a goes, nothing is difficult if you put your mind to it. if you don't have a strong desire to learn english well, you can never make it.

secondly, they spent a lot of time on it. no one can expect to learn english well in one day. it takes many, many days; it takes many, many years!

thirdly, they all have a good start. by "good start" i mean they know the importance of some basic things, like pronunciation, reading aloud etc. they pronounce every sound clearly and . they do a lot of reading aloud.

well, if we can learn from them, this means if we can do like they did, every one of us can learn english well.

please keep in mind, practice makes perfect! each day, spend some time on reading aloud. find something interesting to read about. and learn to speak english to yourself, to write to yourself. this is a good way to practice and writing skills.

yes, i know some other ways to learn english well. do you like movies? i mean, do you like english movies or movies in english? if you do, then you are on the right way to be a good english learner.

what's the good of a movie to the learning of english?

first of all, you are listening to real english, or english that is spoken in daily life, in real situations. this is what we really need if we with english people.

secondly, movies are interesting to look at. you don't easily grow bored. however, when you are studying our textbooks, you easily get bored.

now i would like you to list some more good things of a movie. you can start thinking right now, or you think it over before you go to sleep.

and in this world, there exist many, many other good ways to help you learn english well.

let's start right now to find them out!
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