yes , may i help you? 有什么事吗?

we had a damaged from you. 你们送来的货有损坏。

we'll look into it right away for you. 我们会立刻调查清楚。

was the damage extensive? 坏得很多、很严重吗?

i'd say about half of the is unusable. 我看大概有一半的货不能用了。

we'll send a man right out to look at it. 我们马上会派个人去查看。

good ,we'll be expecting him. 好,我们等着他。

how bad was the damage. 损坏情况如何?

one packing case was crushed. 有一个箱子全压坏了。

was all the material in that case destroyed? 箱里的东西都毁了吗?

we don't think we can use any of it at all. 我看都不能用了。

did you note the damage on the bill of lading? 你把损坏情形注明在提货凭单上了没?

yes ,of course. 当然。

we'll start a claim with the shipping company. 我们会向货运公司着手申请赔偿的。

we'll wait and see what they say. 看看他们怎么说吧。

just whose fault is this damage? 这次的损坏究竟是谁的责任呢?

the order was in good shape when it left out factory. 货离开工厂时都是完好无缺的啊。

it certainly didn't arrive here that way. 送到这儿时可不是那样!

we'll make it right with you ,of course. 真相如何,我们一定会让你知道。

how about the damaged portion at a lower price? 损坏的那一部分就算便宜一点,如何?

what kind of price did you have in mind? 你说多少呢?

i was thinking of 40% off. 打个6折吧。

that will probably be ok. 应该可以吧。

i'm sorry ,but i don't think this damage is our fault. 抱歉,不过我不认为这次的损坏是我们的错。

what do you mean? 你这话是什么意思?

it looks like the shipping company did this. 应该是货运公司造成的吧。

we'd better take it up with them ,in that case. 如果是那样,我们最好向他们提出来。

we can't process your damage claim. 我们无法办理你的索赔。

why not? 为什么?

you didn't note the damage on the bill of lading. 你没有在提货单上注明损坏情况。

i see. 这样子!

it looks like we have problem with the . 货有问题哦。

what kind of problem. 什么样的问题呢?

we came up about two cases short. 我们发现大概短少了两箱。

i see ,we'll look for them on our end. 哦,我们这边会找找看。

are you sure you sent the full order? 你确定货全部都出来了?

yes ,why? 是的。怎么样呢?

we seem to be three packages short. 好像少了三大箱。

you'd better check with the shipper. 你最好向货运公司查查看。

we're sorry ,but we cannot allow your claim. 对不起,我无法接受你的赔偿要求。

why not? 为什么?

the material was not damaged by us. 东西不是我们损坏的。

we'll have to talk this over some more. 这件事我们得好好地再谈一谈。

what about our claim? 我们的赔偿怎么样啦?

our shipping manager is looking into it. 我们的货运经理正在调查这件事。

when will we hear something from him? 什么时候会有消息呢?

on , in just a day or two ,i think. 哦,我想就这一、两天吧。

here is the final settlement for your claim. 你的赔偿问题终于解决了。

thanks , we appreciate the fast work. 谢谢你们这么快就办好了。

we only hope we won't have this kind of problem again. 我们仅希望不会再有这样的事情发生。

that goes for us too. 我们也是这么希望?
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