报盘和还盘 offer & counter-offer


we have the offer ready for you. 我们已经为你准备好报盘了。

i come to hear about your offer for fertilizers. 我来听听你们有关化肥的报盘。

please make us a cable offer. 请来电报盘。

please make an offer for the shoots of the quality as that in the last contract. 请把上次合同中订的那种质量的竹笋向我们报个价。

we are in a position to offer tea from stock. 我们现在可以报茶叶现货。

we'll try our best to get a bid from the buyers. 我们一定尽力获得买主的递价。

we'll let you have the official offer next monday. 下星期就给您正式报盘。

i'm waiting for your offer. 我正等您的报价。

we can offer you a based upon the international market. 我们可以按国际市场价格给您报价。

we have accepted your firm offer. 我们已收到了你们报的实盘。

we offer firm for reply 11 a.m. tomorrow. 我们报实盘,以明天上午11点答复为有效。

we'll let you have our firm offer next sunday. 下星期天我们就向你们发实盘。

we're willing to make you a firm offer at this price. 我们愿意以此价格为你报实盘。

could you offer us f.o.b. prices. 能想我们报离岸价格吗?

all your prices are on c.i.f. basis. 你们所有价格都是成本加运费保险费价格。

can you make an offer, c & f london, at your earliest ? 您能尽快报一个伦敦港成本加运费价格吗?

i'd like to have your lowest s, c.i.f. vancouver. 请报温哥华到岸价的最低价格。

please make us a cable offer for 5 metric tons of . 请电报5吨核桃仁的价格。

our offer is rmb300 per set of tape-recorder, f.o.b. tianjin. 我们的报价是每台收录机300元人民币,天津离岸价。

we quote this article at $250 per m/t c&f. 我们报成本加运费价每吨250美元。


words and phrases

offer 报盘,报价

to offer for 对...报价

to make an offer for 对...报盘(报价)

firm offer 实盘

non-firm offer 虚盘

to forward an offer (or to send an offer) 寄送报盘

to get an offer(or to obtain an offer) 获得...报盘

to cable an offer (or to telegraph an offer) 电报(进行)报价

offer and by post 通过邮政报价及接受

to accept an offer 接受报盘

to entertain an offer 考虑报盘

to give an offer 给...报盘

to submit an offer 提交报盘

official offer 正式报价(报盘)


my offer was based on reasonable profit, not on wild s. 我的报价以合理利润为依据,不是漫天要价。

we have received offers recently, most of which are below 100 u.s. dollars. 我们最近的报价大多数都在100美圆以下。

moreover, we've kept the price close to the costs of production. 再说,这已经把价格压到生产费用的边缘了。

i think the price we offered you last week is the best one. 相信我上周的报价是最好的。

no other buyers have bid higher than this price. 没有别的买主的出价高于此价。

the price you offered is above previous prices. 你方报价高于上次。

it was a higher price than we offered to other suppliers. 此价格比我们给其他供货人的出价要高。

we can't accept your offer unless the price is reduced by 5%. 除非你们减价5%,否则我们无法接受报盘。

i'm afraid i don't find your price at all. 我看你们的报价毫无任何竞争性。

let me make you a special offer. 好吧,我给你一个特别优惠价。

we'll give you the of our offer. 我们将优先向你们报盘。

i should have thought my offer was reasonable. 我本以为我的报价是合理的。

you'll see that our offer compares favorably with the s you can get elsewhere. 你会发现我们的报价比别处要便宜。

this offer is based on an expanding market and is . 此报盘着眼于扩大销路而且很有竞争性。


words and phrases

quote 报价


preferential offer 优先报盘

cost of production 生产费用

reasonable 合理的


the of one's offer 优先报盘

wild 漫天要价


our offers are for 3 days. 我们的报盘三天有效。

we have the offer as per as your request. 我们已按你方要求将报盘延期。

the offer holds good until 5 o'clock p.m. 23nd of june, 1997, beijing time. 报价有效期到1997年6月22日下午5点,北京时间。

all prices in the price lists are subject to our . 报价单中所有价格以我方确认为准。

this offer is subject to your reply reaching here before the end of this month. 该报盘以你方本月底前到达我地为有效。

this offer is subject to the goods being unsold. 该报盘以商品未售出为准。


words and phrases

subject to 以...为条件,以...为准

offer subject to our written 以我方书面接受为准的报盘

offer subject to sample 以样品确定后生效为准的报盘

offer subject to our final 以我方最后确认为准的报盘

offer subject to export/import license 以获得出口(进口)许可证为准的报价

offer subject to prior sale 以提前售出为准的报盘

offer subject to goods being unsold 以商品未售出为准的报盘

offer subject to your reply reaching here 以你方答复到达我地为准的报盘

offer subject to first available steamer 以装第一艘轮船为准的报盘


i'm afraid the offer is unacceptable. 恐怕你方的报价不能接受。

the offer is not workable. 报盘不可行。

the offer is given without engagement. 报盘没有约束力。

it is difficult to quote without full details. 未说明详尽细节难以报价。

buyers do not welcome offers made at wide intervals. 买主不欢迎报盘间隔太久。

we cannot make any headway with your offer. 你们的报盘未得任何进展。

please renew your offer for two days further. 请将报盘延期两天。

please renew your offer on the same terms and conditions. 请按同样条件恢复报盘。

we regret we have to decline your offer. 很抱歉,我们不得不拒绝你方报盘。

the offer is . 该报盘已经撤回。

we prefer to offers for a time. 我们宁愿暂停报盘。

buyers are worried at the lack of offer. 买主因无报盘而苦恼。


words and phrases

to extend an offer 延长报盘

to renew an offer 或 to reinstate an offer 恢复报盘

to withdraw an offer 撤回报盘

to decline an offer 或 to turn down an offer 谢绝报盘

unacceptable 不可接受的

workable 可行的

at wide intervals 间隔时间太长

make headway 有进展

be worried at sth. 对...苦恼



let's have you counter-offer. 请还个价。

do you want to make a counter-offer? 您是否还个价?

i appreciate your counter-offer but find it too low. 谢谢您的还价,可我觉得太低了。

now we look forward to replying to our offer in the form of counter-offer. 现在我们希望你们能以还盘的形式对我方报盘予以答复。

your price is too high to interest buyers in counter-offer. 你的价格太高,买方没有兴趣还盘。

your counter-offer is much more modest than mine. 你们的还盘比我的要保守得多。

we make a counter-offer to you of $150 per metric ton f.o.b. london. 我们还价为每公吨伦敦离岸价150美圆。

i'll respond to your counter-offer by reducing our price by three dollars. 我同意你们的还价,减价3元。


words and phrases

counter-offer 还盘,还价

offeror 发价(盘)人

offerer 发价人,报盘人

offeree 被发价人


offer letter 报价书

offer sheet 出售货物单

offer list/book 报价单

offer price 售价

date 报价有效期限

period 报价日

concentration of offers 集中报盘

combined offer 联盘,搭配报盘

lump offer 综合报盘(针对两种以上商品)

bid n. 递价;出价;递盘(由买方发出)v. 递盘

to make a bid 递价

to get a bid 得到递价

to be outbidding 高于...的价
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