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  lesson 66教学设计方案


  do dictation of the key 3 paragraphs or do a cloze based on the text

  stepii:fast reading

   1. annie entered an institution to learn braille ___.

    a. in 1866 b. in 1876 c. in 1880 d. in 1872

   2. which of the following is true about braille?

    a. it was annie who invented braille.

    b. it is a special writing system for both the blind and the deaf.

    c. blind people can read by raised points on paper.

    d. annie helped to develop the writing system.

  3. why did annie decide to go to stay with helen?

    a. because she needed a highly paid job.

    b. because she was deaf-blind herself and sympathized with helen.

    c. because it was the very job she had expected.

    d. because she was deeply moved by the letter from helen's dad.

  4. annie did not help helen keller to _________.

    a. understand words b. read books printed in braille

    c. learn how to speak d. develop the writing system of braille

  5. which is true about the period when annie worked as helen's teacher?

    a. the disabled were all well educated.

    b. a good many books were printed in braille.

    c. few people realized the hidden strength in blind people.

    d. many deaf-blind children had the chance of being taught to speak like normal people.

  6. annie would praise helen when she _____.

    a. to go to college

    b. had a very difficult time

    c. understood the meaning of words

    d. did things as well as a normal person

  keys: 1. c 2. c 3. c 4. d 5. c 6. d

  stepiii:language points:


  paragraph2:this is a kind of ______that blind people can read by _________groups of _______points that are printed on paper. later, an operation helped her to get ______part of her_______, but she _________at the institution for six years______.

  keys: printing, , raised,back, sight,remained, more

  paragraph3:one day a letter from my father _______at the school, _________for a teacher for me. annie _________this was just the kind of ___________job she wanted.

  keys: arrived, asking, considered, demanding

  paragraph4:annie was among the first to ________that blind people never know their hidden ________until they are ________like ________human beings. she never ______me; she never praised me _______what i did was as good as that of the best of a ________person.

  keys:realize, strength, treated, normal, pitied, unless, normal.

  paragrph6:my speech was __________and not _________to hear.but i was _______to be able to say words that my family and a few friends could understand. to annie i ____thanks for this ______of speech. it has helped me to serve others.

  keys: ill-formed, pleasant, , owe, gift.

  b:sentence structure:

  1.two years later, her father disappeared, never to be heard from again.

    they started out to cross the sahara in a car, and had not been ______ since.

    a.heard from  b.heard of  答案:b annie i owe thanks for this pricelss gift of has helped me to serve others.

  # we ________ the discovery of the prismatic (折射) (光谱) _______ sir isaac newton.

    a. devote; to  b. thank; for

    c. owe; to    d. know; about (答案:c)

  3. she had believed in me. i must always keep on to do my best.

  c:the-ing form: day a letter from my father arried at the school,______ a teacher for me.( asking)

    2.annie considered this was just the kind of _______job she wanted.( demanding)

    3.this is a kind of ________that blind people can read by________ groups of _______points that are printed on paper. (printing, , raised)

    4.there she the ________of deaf-blind children.( teaching)

    5.______ both my hands on her face when she spoke, she let me feel all the movements of her lips and throat.( putting)

    6.she had believed in me.i must always keep on ________to do my best.( )

  stepiv: cloze:

  read the article first, and then choose the right answer for each blank.

    helen had no way of knowing that this day, march 3, 1887, would be the most important one in her whole life.

    six months had passed (1) _______ the evening when she had pushed her baby sister off her bed. as he had promised, her father had written to the head of the institution for the blind. and today miss anne sullivan, only twenty years old and just (2) _______ of school, was arriving from boston to (3) _______ with the kellers and be helen's teacher. (4) _______ course helen knew nothing about (5) _______ expected arrival. but she had sensed for several days that (6) _______ unusual was going on.

    for one thing, she had (7) _______ that one of the rooms , usually kept closed and smelling musty (发霉的), had been (8) _______ and aired.

    martha washington's mother had (9) _______ in there, too, with a broom and dustcloth. and this morning the bed had been (10) _______ with clean sheets. fresh towels (毛巾) smelling sweet had been (11) _______ on the rack (架子).

    in the (12) _______ martha's mother was busy (13) _______ extra cooking. (14)_______baked a cake and let helen lick (舔) the pan. (15) _______ even this treat failed to bring much (16) _____to an anxious, unhappy little girl.

    round and round inside her ( 17) _______ raced the questions she could not put into words.

    "something's going to (18) _______ . but what? why can't i know? why? why?"

  and because she could get no answers, she was restless and angry and badly behaved (表现不好).

    1 a since   b after  c before   d from

    2 a outside  b out  c inside  d away

    3 a play  b study  c live  d keep

    4 a on  b at  c for  d of

    5 a miss anne b miss anne's c miss sullivan  d miss sullivan's

    6 a something  b anything  c nothing  d everything

    7 a promised   b agreed  c noticed  d said

    8 a locked  b opened  c moved  d sold

    9 a gone  b come   c been  d got

    10 a made up   b made of  c made from  d made in

    11 a broken  b washed  c used  d placed

    12 a bedroom   b garden  c kitchen    d living room

    13 a with  b on   c about   d for

    14 a he  b she  c they  d we

    15 a because   b although  c whatever  d but

    16 a food  b fortune   c money  d pleasure

    17 a hands  b head  c eyes  d mouth

    18 a happen  b rise   c take  d produce

  keys: 1-5:abcdd 6-10:acbda 11-15: dcabd 16-18:dba

  stepvi: recite the key paragraphs and do dictation the next day.



    i.listening text:listen to the tape 2-3 times and finish filling the blanks. it's a good way to fix the ss's attention on listening.

  a new kind of school

  a journalist talks to the head teacher of a new kind of school.

    (j = journalist; ht = headteacher)

  j: in what way is your school different from other schools?

  ht: our school is for all children. a few of the children are disabled, and some of the others have learning difficulties. we have fast learners and slower learners.

  j: and is yours the only school like this?

  ht: that's correct. up till now, disabled children and those with learning difficulties were sent to special schools. they grew up in a different world.

  j: what made you decide to start this new school?

  ht: we realized that disabled children had no knowledge of children in ordinary schools. the opposite was also true. we thought it was important that all human beings should grow up together.

  j: do the slower learners hold up the faster learners?

  ht: no. for some classes, slower and faster learners are separated. in other classes they all work together.

  j:how does that work?

  ht:well. the faster learners help the slower learners. that way they become very as teachers. when it's time for the faster learners to do a task or do their homework, they do it more quickly and better too.

  j:what do the children think of the school?

  ht: they all enjoy it. they all end up having lots of friends. they also learn the true meaning of working together.

  j:what about the parents?

  ht:some of them doubted whether this school would be successful. so we took them into the classroom and showed them how well the students were working together. that proved to them that our school is a success.


    mr. west intended to buy his wife a christmas present, but he was always very 1 , so he was never able to find time to go to the shops. at last, when it was the week 2 christmas, and the shops were very , he that he could not wait any longer. he worked in an office, and 3 had lunch in a restaurant, but one day he bought some sandwiches, ate them 4 and went out to a big shop near his 5 during his lunch hour.

    the shop was full of women, who were also buying 6 during their lunch hour. mr. west stood 7 at the edge of a crowd of 8 who were pushing forward to try to get to the people who were 9 necklaces and earrings. he tried to move forwards slowly, his turn with the others, 10 more and more women were coming into the shop the whole time and pushing selfishly(自私的) 11 him.

    after half an hour, he was 12 as far from the people who were selling the necklaces as he had been 13 he came in, and his lunch hour was coming to an end, so he to change his 14 of doing things: he put his head down, gave a sudden loud shout and started to push his way towards the front of the crowd as hard as he 15 .

    the women around him became very 16 when they saw what he was doing, and began to 17 him. "why can't you behave (行为) like a 18 ?" they shouted.

    "ladies," he 19 them, "i have been behaving like a gentleman for the past half hour, and it has got me , so now i am 20 to behave like a lady!"

  1. a. busy  b. lazy  c. unwilling  d. forgetful

    [解析]由后文可知是因为忙,而不是因其他原因。 答案:a

  2. a. beyond  b. around   c. before  d. after

    [解析]圣诞礼物当然要在圣诞节前买。  答案:c

  3. a. never  b. seldom  c. sometimes  d. usually

    [解析]本句与后句形成对比。  答案:d

  4. a. slowly  b. quickly   c. eagerly   d. happily


  5. a. car  b. house  c. office  d. restaurant 答案:c

  6. a. clothes  b. sandwiches    c. food  d. presents



  7. a.   b. quietly   c. alone   d. freely

    [解析]要和下文联系起来看,起初west还是一派绅士风度。 答案:a

  8.a. men  b. women  c. children   d. strangers

    [解析]可根据下文判断。 答案:b

  9. a. examining   b. choosing  c. selling  d. buying

    [解析]往卖东西的柜台那边挤。 答案:c

  10. a. because   b. and  c. however  d. but

    [解析]此处的转折为后来他采取粗鲁的行动埋下伏笔。 答案:d

  11 .a. past  b. behind  c. over  d. against

    [解析]后来者都到他前面去。 答案:a

  12. a. even  b. ever  c. just  d. always 答案:c

  13. a. there  b. where  c. as  d. when

    [解析]本句强调半小时后他仍呆在原来的地方。 答案:d

  14. a. idea  b. way  c. measure   d. attitude 答案:b

  15. a. could  b. would    c. did  d. had 答案:a

  16. a. surprised  b. angry   c. afraid d. nervous 答案:b

  17. a. ask  b. notice  c. scold   d. attack



  18. a. woman  b. lady  c. man  d. gentleman

    [解析]妇女们责问他为何不像绅士。 答案:d

  19. a. answered   b. told c. pleased   d. feared 答案:a

  20. a. realizing  b. admiring  c. agreeing  d. starting

    [解析]最后一段是故事的幽默所在。面对女士们的行为和责问,west反唇相讥:我像绅士一样呆了半个小时,毫无作用,所以现在我要像女士们那样干了。 答案:d


  discuss and write:

    1. what's the cause of helen's success, herself or her great teacher?

    2. what's annie's opinon on educating helen?

    if you were a teacher, what is the most important method on educating the students?

  • [´tʌtʃiŋ] 移动到这儿单词发声 a.动人的 prep.提到 四级词汇
  • [´praisləs] 移动到这儿单词发声 a.无价的;贵重的 六级词汇
  • [di´laitid] 移动到这儿单词发声 a.高兴的;喜欢的 四级词汇
  • [´spektrəm] 移动到这儿单词发声 n.系列;范围;光谱 六级词汇
  • [´traiiŋ] 移动到这儿单词发声 a.难堪的;费劲的 四级词汇
  • [,ʌp´steəz] 移动到这儿单词发声 ad.在楼上 a.楼上的 四级词汇
  • [´fizikəli] 移动到这儿单词发声 ad.按照自然规律 四级词汇
  • [´teikiŋ] 移动到这儿单词发声 a.迷人的 n.捕获物 六级词汇